When things start to click:


Mischief Under the Mistletoe

As a writer you’re somewhat intimidated putting your heart in your books. How will people react when they read your stories. You worry about the negative reviews. You beat yourself up wondering if you should have done more. The only way you know you’re on the right track is from feedback. I love hearing from people who enjoy my stories. And recently I had my own personal exciting moments. Mischief Under the Mistletoe made it to #1 in Holiday category on Amazon. Not what alone was beyond exciting for me. In fact, it’s been #1 several times now…and it’s not even released.



Crashing into Love

This week marked another highlight of my writing career. Crashing into Love made it to #2 in the Free category on Amazon. This book is FREE until September 28th, so get it while you can.

These instances have checked off a couple of my personal bucket list items.

I look forward to checking of more and the books continue to come out.

Have a great day, I am!



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