True stories…

If you’re reading this, you obviously know I’m a writer…what you may NOT know is that many of the scenes in my books come from real life incidents. Today I’m sharing something that happened and I’m still LMAO about it.

Last week, my daughter sends me email asking me to print some papers for her college Chem Class…she needed 3 copies…I did, but I also didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the papers. I removed them from the printer and set them aside. Easy peasy…right? Uh, no–never!

Daughter comes over, I  hand her the stack of papers and as far as I’m concerned, Mom’s good deed for the day is done. She staples the copies and off she goes to school to turn them in.

HOWEVER,…after class the Professor tells her to stay behind, she wants to speak to her. The Professor hands my daughter her paper and says, “You included some extra credit which I can’t count, but I did take a picture of it.”

Her comment has my daughter scratching her head. Rachel says, “But, I didn’t turn in any extra credit.”

The Professor, with a straight face, hands her back her paper and my daughter can see through the back copy that there is a pink image of some sort. Rachel takes the paper, flips through to the last page and according to her, she thought she was going to die of embarrassment. There on the last page is a recipe I had printed to laminate for the upcoming Brenda Novak Online Diabetes Auction. It’s a recipe of a drink I created for my debut book, ‘Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides’. The recipe was for “Kinky Sex on the Beach” a passion fruit flavored cocktail.

This is the image that was on the page along with the recipe.


Now for added embarrassment, my daughter’s Chem partner is standing there. The Chem partner is also a long-time childhood friend who has witnessed a number of these instances. Leandra leaned over Rachel’s shoulder and started laughing–I don’t mean a giggle, I mean all out, knee-slapping-belly-whopper-jaw-aching-belly-laugh!!! Rachel stammered but finally found her voice and proceeded to try to explain that her mom’s a writer and our stuff must have accidently been mixed together. She’s scrambling to break out her iPhone to show the professor my website, with the title of the book, but no cell reception. The Professor starts laughing, the friend is laughing harder, and Rachel said she didn’t think she’d ever lose the red face or the humiliation.

I had completely forgotten I’d printed out a recipe for ‘Kinky Sex on the Beach’. I’m making a basket that will include a copy of my book and some fun items from the story.

Rachel was stuttering as she told me about the incident, glaring and still very red-faced, while telling me how mortified she was to have to explain to her Prof it was her pervy mom’s recipe for her book.

My response was: “You’re lucky I’d already laminated the recipe for ‘Sex in a pan’.”


My work on Earth is done–I have thoroughly embarrassed my daughter…and I still can’t stop laughing!

And in case you’re interested, here is the link to the basket I’m donating to the Diabetes Auction:

Please check out the auction, there’s something for EVERYONE!!!

Thanks for letting me share.







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  1. I love it. It made my day. It’s times like this that keep us going down this long and unyielding path. Thank you for the smiles.

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