Best Fertilizer For Strawberries

Best Fertilizer For Strawberries

To produce fruits, flowers, trees, and bushes require a lot of hard work. You have to keep good care of them to make them healthy and delicious. If you make a little mistake you may be lost them and all your effort will be destroyed.

Strawberries feature pure red color. They are juicy in taste. Strawberries are a little bit hard to grow. The reason is that they are the most sensitive fruit. You have to take good care of them by providing them with the best nutrients.

If you want to grow big, juicy, delicious berry then you should pick the right fertilizer. Right fertilizer comprises two things the time of the year and the age of the plant. To apply the fertilizer you should read the instruction first.

Each fertilizer has its instruction and applying method so you should be careful about it. If the berries are not growing well then add some nitrogen fertilizer it will help the berries to grow healthy.

You have the option to use granular and liquid fertilizer the difference between both is that granular fertilizer is easy and precise to apply on the other hand liquid fertilizer is used to spray on plants and after applying it there is no need for water.

Types of Fertilizers

Many fertilizers are present in the market you can get either the granular or the liquid one. But the main thing to consider is how to apply the fertilizer so you should read the instructions first. Some of the fertilizers that are used for strawberries are:

Winchester Gardens Select Organics Berry Granular Fertilizer

The fertilizer is organic and provides healthy growth to the roots and leaves of the strawberries. To apply the fertilizer all you have to do is to spread the granules on the desired area for outdoor plants only one tablespoon is needed but for indoor plants, you need to spread two tablespoons of granules.

Down to Earth Acid Mix

Apply the fertilizer in the early spring when the flowers and plants start to grow. You have to add one cup of the fertilizer for each plant and after adding the fertilizer water them well. This fertilizer is acidic and very essential for strawberries.

By Jason Ayden

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