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Why Is My Vape Tank Getting Hot?

Vape Tank Getting Hot

In most cases, a hot vape tank is nothing but a minor inconvenience. Your tank will cool off on its own if you merely hamper your pace of vaping and put your mod down for a couple of minutes. If your tank starts to feel uncomfortably hot immediately once you begin vaping after an extended rest, though, it’s going to be a symbol that you simply got to change something about the way you vape.

Here are two common reasons why a vape tank might get hot. The primary reason is that the tank features a metal mouthpiece that directly touches the tank’s chimney or coil. Since metal conducts heat, the warmth from the coil will visit your lips if that’s the case. Modern vape tanks get around that problem in two ways. a method is by placing an insulator between the tank’s chimney and mouthpiece.

Differently is by not employing a metal mouthpiece. Many modern vape tanks use Delrin or Ultem mouthpieces. Both of these materials are sorts of plastic that conduct heat poorly and may help to stay your lips cool. If your vape tank is getting hot, then, one very simple solution is to exchange the mouthpiece; the warmth from the coil will stop reaching your lips.

The second reason why a vape tank might get hot is because it’s a high-mass coil that takes an extended time to heat up and retains heat for a short time after you’ve stopped vaping. a couple of years ago, that’s how cloud chasing tanks worked; they used several heating wires that worked in tandem to get vapor simultaneously and when you’re using that much metal as your heating surface, it’s getting to stay hot for a short time after you’ve put your device down. Thankfully, the simplest tanks don’t work that way anymore which brings us to our first solution for fixing a hot vape tank.\

Upgrade to a contemporary Tank

The best thing that you simply can do to repair a tank that’s uncomfortably hot during operation is to exchange it with a more modern vape tank. That’s partial because you get the fashionable conveniences described above, like the integrated insulators that shield your lips from heat. It’s also because the latest tanks not use the dozen-wires-working-all-at-once design of the past generation of cloud chasing tanks.

Instead, today’s tanks use strips of metal mesh that provide an equivalent heating area with much lower metal mass. They heat up instantly, and that they also dissipate heat quickly once you release your device’s fire button. Employing a tank with a mesh coil really may be a wonderful thanks to vape. Learn more about the advantages of mesh coils.

Install an Insulator between the Tank and therefore the Mod

Aftermarket insulators or spacers for vape tanks aren’t as common today as they wont to be because, as mentioned above, excess residual heat just isn’t as common a drag with vape tanks because it once was. Today, vape tanks that need heat insulation have the specified insulators inbuilt. the foremost common insulator for vaping is polyether ether ketone (PEEK). If you’ll find one, a PEEK spacer that matches between your tank and your vaping device can keep the warmth from radiating to the device and battery.

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